006 You Can’t Have Your Cake OR Eat It – Religious Freedom Restoration Act

BPI - Irenicast Episode 006

Jeff, Mona, & Allen tackle all things religious and free. This week, that happens to be Indiana’s widely disputed SB 101 “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” They follow up the discussion with Say What?!, a segment involving speaking before thinking… as if their podcast didn’t have enough of that already.

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005 All-Consuming Buyer – Challenging Consumer Culture

Episode 005 Blog Image

This week on Irenicast Jeff, Mona & Allen discuss the good, bad, and ugly about living in a consumer-driven culture. Then, like good little consumers, they weigh in on favorite movies, what their celebrity couple name would be, and the meaning of the word “awesomeful.”

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004 Wholly Scripture, Batman! – The Nature Of Biblical Texts

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Hipsters, the Bible and Batman this week on Irenicast. The team gets into a deep discussion of what Biblical interpretation means, and how to treat ancient sacred texts with respect. Also, Mona and Allen play a round of Missing Link, while Jeff plays an entirely different game. Read More

003 EVILution – Reconciling Scripture with Science

Episode 003 Blog Image

This week Jeff, Mona & Allen scratch the surface of the issues around Evolution versus Creationism, from ancient times to present. Bookending their conversation they reflect on some moments from their history in youth groups and play a particularly scandalous round of Jesus Juke. Read More

002 Finding A Third Way – A Christian Response to War

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Between discussing candy bars and playing a game of Famous Christians for 100, Jeff, Mona and Allen have a serious conversation about the curious relationship between Christianity and militarism. They also explore visions for just religious responses to violence. Read More

001.5 East of Eden – BONUS Episode

Episode 001.5 Blog Image

In this week’s bonus episode, Mona takes on the quest of answering the following question: where did Evangelicalism come from? What is it, exactly, and how did it become the multi-faceted movement it is today? Along with her guest and co-host Allen, the two trace the family tree of Christianity through looking at church history, from ancient to modern times. This is a fun conversation, but we want to mention it is also quite information-heavy. Read More

001 East of Eden – Leaving Evangelicalism

Episode 001 Blog Image

In the inaugural episode of Irenicast, Jeff, Mona & Allen discuss their journeys away from Christian Evangelicalism.  Plus they will play a little game they like to call Jesus or Jay-Z. Read More

What If Shopping Malls Are Really Sanctuaries?

The mall in my town looks more like a religious sanctuary than I ever realized. 

I mean, its presence is literally cathedral-like.

mall entrance

In fact, the mall itself is a nod to medieval Christian architecture in its “cruciformity” (the building, from above, is the shape of a cross).

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